'My Faded Memoirs Part 2 - Water Surrounds Me' is the title of my new Art installation at the amazing Fresh Paint Gallery in the heart of downtown Montreal.

This installation would be the second part out of 5 mega art installations revolving around my faded memories and my connection to the 5 elements, Each installation represent a different part of myself and my connection to the different elements. The first installation was titled ‘Fire Enlighten me’ and was surrounding around the power of the FIRE element. (seen here: http://www.adidafallenangel.com/exhibitions/faded-memoirs-2012/).

This installation is titled ’ Water Surrounds Me’ which will revolve around the WATER element and its ever changing form and unique attributes, It is also revolving around my self awareness and growth which, like Water is always shifting, moving and making its path to the greater oceans of the world. From Rain to Earth To Ocean To Sky, we all cycle thru.

Big massive thanks for Fresh Paint Gallery for letting me demolish their room and turn it once again into a welcoming world of art and personal experience. I will be spending at least a month at this space so you are all welcome to come on down and enjoy the process.

Love and Light 

Big wheel keeps on turning..

by Adida Fallen Angel

Fire Popping.

Chris Dyer popping flaming hot ollie over his mini ramp art construction which was used as part of his latest Fresh Paint Gallery installation.

This thing caught fire so quickly it didn’t gave Chris Dyer’s Positive Creationstoo much time but he did what everyone would have done in his place, RIDE & POP mofo, ride and pop!

The Green Machine.

Cheap Dollarama Sticker Paper can be very useful when nothing around is available, here is my latest collection of hand drawn stickers, just for fun! 

* Big up to Montreals First Sticker Exhibition (MTL SLAPS) that got me hyped on making these babies, I just cant seem to stop!!!

~ Art by Adida Fallen Angel 2014.