Today on #ArtThursday Croyds bring you a sweet calm piece by Adida Fallen Angel

Considering himself a spiritual creature , Adida is said to place himself in a spiritual zen stasis on a daily basis. “Waves ” is a clear manifestation of the spiritual communion that the artist has with himself. When staring deep into this art piece you can’t resist to dive yourself into this sea of linear lines and tones of blue. Brace yourselves this tidal wave is bold and restless.

The Arkolution is Adida Fallen Angel latest deck design for Creation Skateboards. Supremely detailed and packed with all your favorite creatures of the land, sea and sky.

order now before we it will be sold out, limited editions add value to your goods yo!

Live Painting at the Behind Close Doors Fundraiser Project. An elegant night of performing arts and delicacies with Live music from Simone Pitot and Kimberly and the Dreamtime. 

Live painting:
Melsa Montagne -
Dominique Desbiens -
Adida Fallen Angel - Adi Khavous

Big thanks to MephistoArts for the video and Behind Closed Doorsfor letting us play 

New Music Video Clip for Audrey Emery straight out of her new EP, extreme shooting conditions require extreme touches of divinity. shot and directed by yours truly with supreme help from good souls and the wonders of nature, check it out.